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Articles by Rita Bruce



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As the rivers of life carry us on our current of destiny flowing through the caverns of our inner journey, over the barriers of boulders, washing our egos with the polishing sand and pebbles, transformation is taking place. On its journey, the river passes the mountain peaks, crevasses, valleys, meadows, and forest. Sometimes resting in a pool to soak up the pictorial scenes that have been traversed on this moving, stirring, rippling journey, to reflect on the experiences of learning in one’s lifetime. But how to judge the depth of the water, the shallowness of consciousness, the unconscious levels being affected while not aware?


Transformation within us escapes our consciousness blinded by our own ignorance, the bends and turns, swirling around the everyday events, picking up the grit of the river bed, clouds the purity of judgment. The memory of the journey is but a small view compared to the view seen from the top of the Atmic mountain.


Transformation is defined as “to be changed”. It does not state the nature of change. It could be for the good or not so good. But for us on the Spiritual Journey of life, transformation usually implies transformation from sub-human to human to divine, from selfishness to selflessness, from worldly attachments to un-conditional love in search of our Divine heritage.



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We come to Prasanthi Niliyam asking, “Who is Sai Baba?” But in reality, the question is “Who are we”? Sai Baba has come on earth to teach us the truth of our own identity, so that we may become enlightened. Coming to see Him is important because His example is the living proof that God does exist in pure selfless love.


The omnipresent form of God is our own Divinity that protects, guides, teaches, and provides for all our needs. Our association, our communication, our chanting His name, mediating on His form, feeling His Divine Presence within us will ultimately lead us to the reality that we are God.



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The human values of Truth, Peace, Right Conduct, Non-Violence and Love are the end goal. These values are theoretical and very difficult to teach to children and teenagers. They are abstract. We teach human values whenever applicable in school subjects and stories. The same is true by using their real life experiences, issues and concerns to emphasize the five human values.


Swami says, “The primary responsibility of parents is to mold the character of their children.” The same is true for teachers. The objective is character development. This is best accomplished when we help the student explore life situations, in a friendly environment, through communication. We can choose topics that pertain to their lifestyle that will increase their interest.


When teachers impart knowledge in school with subjects such as math, science etc, you need the lecture method. When you teach parenting, spirituality, and character development, we need to emphasize llife experiences and experiential learning methods. The role of the teacher is to create for the student or parent an environment that allows them to understand themselves. They need a friendly atmosphere to explore the current issues in their everyday life that are problematic. Once this awareness is present, the solutions are discussed.



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To be or not to be a mother is the perplexing question that resounds and reverberates in the minds of women around the world today. The consciousness is the same in all countries.


Upon the altar of material gain Motherhood has become the sacrificial lamb.


When I travel around this world working with the Sai Family, I ask the mothers, “Why are you working?” The answer remains the same. We need a double income to support our family. But most families have only one child, maybe two. In recent years the number of children in each family has decreased while double income increased.


But what lifestyle is required to raise a child? Is it more important for the child to have a television in his room, cell phones, computer games, play-stations, and name brand clothing. Or is it possible for us to rethink our family values and place greater emphasis on the mother staying in the home to give the type of love that only a mother can give.



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Dharma for women means the transformation of the role of feminine energy on this planet. We need to re-evaluate, re-examine, re-structure, re-store, and resurrect the role of ladies that has sometimes been dishonored to less than human in society.


Women are the highest gift given to mankind because we are the vessel in which God’s creation continues. In addition, we have the guardianship of preparing the life of our children by molding their character. There is no higher position given to mankind by God than the honor of being a female, the first teacher, setting the stage of right conduct and love of God that is formulated in the early years of child development.


God cannot teach each child on the planet, unless it is through the feminine energy in the role of motherhood. We are the instruments and what kind of a tune are these instruments playing, a worldly or a spiritual tune.


“For the bird in mid-ocean flying over the dark, deep blue waters, the only resting place is the mast of a ship that sails across. In the same way, the Lord is the only refuge for man who is swept by storms over a restless sea.”

Sathya Sai Baba