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Love of Conscience Seminars                   Click here for full-length videos


Over 40 years ago a thunder bolt of energy arose within Rita Bruce and she was suddenly awakened to the inner voice of the Divine. This is when she began to receive and assimilate the knowledge of the Four Aspects of Human Nature, which has been her life's work ever since and is the basis for her book, Love of Conscience: Four Aspects of Human Nature.


Together with her husband, Robert, they conduct seminars to share this wisdom, which is a new understanding for mankind. With this knowledge, you can understand yourself and others, and can balance all four aspect within yourself resulting in Conscious Love.


Sathya Sai Baba has shared with Rita and Robert, "This knowledge came from the Vedas and is Raja Yoga."


Seminar participant feedback includes:

"Immensely humbled by her vast knowledge about these four aspects which she discusses."

"I would not have gotten a divorce if I had known this knowledge then."

"It is the first time in 35 years that I now understand my spouse."

"I'm in this book, Love of Conscience; you know me better than I know myself."

"I am a professor of Myers-Briggs personality testing. This book Love of conscience is levels above theirs."


This seminar teaches participants about a predetermined program that describes the working mechanism of the intellect, discrimination, emotions and physical body/senses. Before we are born, we are assigned one of these four as our primary identification. Our primary identification has a distinct image, a subtle and hidden ego. The operating system for these 4 aspects in man, create a specific pattern of communication and behavior that is associated with each one of them.


In marriage, our partner is the opposite aspect. Because we marry an opposite our style of communication conflicts and creates a barrier in our relationship. You will understand yourself and all others through this seminar. The objective of this knowledge is to balance all four of these aspects within, to understand yourself and communicate Conscious Love to all mankind.


The Four Aspects of Human Nature are related to Sathya Sai Baba’s five Human Values.  In an interview, Sai Baba said the following correlations are "Perfect":

The job of emotions is to evolve Peace

The job of the intellect is to evolve Truth

The job of discrimination is to evolve Right Conduct

The job of the physical body/senses is to evolve Non Violence

The value that is within all values is Love


This is a one or two-day course.


This seminar teaches parents and teachers on how each of the Four Aspects of Human Nature learn. Each of these four aspects has their own primary method, and individual requirements for learning. This class will describe the mind/body complex and the methodology for teaching. The Sathya Sai EHV Program is a perfect example of what is needed to have a complete learning experience. This course will instruct and give all teachers or parents an opportunity to understand that each of these four aspects has its own unique method of learning. These needs can be met with the understanding of this seminar.


Four Aspects of Human Nature Seminar is a requirement for this half-day course.

All of Rita and Robert's seminars can be customized for public meetings, public schools, government organizations, society groups, etc. There is no cost for Rita and Robert to conduct their seminars, except for direct expenses. For information on how to hold a seminar in your area, please contact us.


See in Me yourself, for I see Myself in you all. You are My life, My breath, My soul. You are My Forms all. When I love you, I love Myself; when you love yourselves, you love Me! I have separated Myself from Myself so that I may love Myself.  My beloved ones, You are My own Self. "    

Sathya Sai Baba, May 29, 1996