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Love of Conscience: Four Aspects of Human Nature

Paperback, 212 pages. ISBN 81-7208-354-8

Audio Book is also available

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This book has been translated into Italian

2005-2015 Rita & Robert Bruce


Book and Audio Book - Love of Conscience by Rita Bruce


During an interview with Sathya Sai Baba on December 29, 2002, Sai Baba told Rita Bruce, the author, and her husband Robert to name this book, "Love of Conscience." He said, "The proper study of mankind is man, and this book is the proper study of man."


This book is an adventure into the unknown. During this journey you will find wonderful moments exploring new knowledge, jewels of self-awareness, new tools for change, and expanding pathways of consciousness. Herein lies an adventure with challenges to meet. You will be required to dive deeply and draw from the limitless spring within your God-self that will give you the strength to succeed.

The knowledge of the four energies is knowledge about our human nature, which will guide us to the Divine. Humanness has four aspects: the physical body, the intellect, the emotions, and discrimination. These four aspects, as they have evolved, create a program that is predetermined, placed within us before birth. This program determines a pattern of behavior that controls whether we place more importance on our specific style of communication such as feeling, sensing, thinking, or reasoning and judging as we go through our daily activities.

Each of us uses one of the four energies more than the others. It is most familiar, comfortable and important for us, and we place a higher value on its qualities. We identify with it; it contributes most strongly to our ego-identity. This is our primary identification energy. The order in which we value and use the four energies is not random, but systematic, and depends on our primary identification energy.

We did not consciously choose our primary identification energy. It was assigned to us before birth. We are programmed, like a computer chip, to think and operate in certain manners. We identify with our primary energy - we think it is who we are. Once we understand this operating system, we can understand ourselves, as well as others, with expanded awareness.

Each of the four energies has a unique program. They are equal in importance, even though the tasks, or job descriptions, are different. All four energies are interdependent, and the human instrument cannot operate unless they all work together. The challenge is to acknowledge that the other three energies are equally important to our own. The four energies are constantly evolving in all of us unconsciously, seeking balance. Once we understand what is happening, we realize how we need to develop, and then our evolution accelerates.

Knowledge of the four energies will teach us that we must change our established and familiar habits by first consulting our conscience before we take any action. God speaks to us through our conscience; it is our direct satellite link with the atma, our divine inner self. Our thoughts, words, and deeds must be placed before the inner screen of our conscience before we take any action.

Humanity has existed for eons without understanding our human nature, much less our divine nature. When we more fully understand our human nature, the divinity within us will be more evident.

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Love of Conscience Book - Table of Contents























Our Identification with the Four Energies

Our Emotional Nature

Our Physical Nature

Our Intellectual Nature

Our Discriminating Nature

Four Steps of an Action

The Order of Creation

Fears and Goals

How to Identify Our Primary Energy

Parents and Children

Relationship Roles

Vices and Virtues

Our Sense of Time

Our Primary Physical Sense

Profiles of the Four Energy Types

The Mind-Body Complex

Sai Baba's Human Values Program


"What are you? You are That; you are a spark of the divine. You are not the body, sense, mind, intelligence, etc. with which you now identify yourselves. You are God, only caught in deluding yourselves that you are bound by this body."   

Sathya Sai Baba, June 6, 1978