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Sathya Sai Marriage Seminars

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Sathya Sai Marriage Seminars


This seminar is to awaken the participants to their role, commitment, and responsibility to one another in marriage. The seminar is divided into four stages of marriage: Marriage is a dream; realize it. Marriage is a game; play it. Marriage is a challenge; meet it. Marriage is love; enjoy it. 


This is a highly motivational, inspirational, educational and experiential seminar. The participants work in small groups discussing the issues of valueless marriage, finding solutions using many quotes from Sai Baba’s or other historic role models as examples of character. We give a 1 1/2 hour lecture and the participants give a final Presentation to the group on the question that they have submitted. This seminar is facilitated in the same style as the Sathya Sai Parenting Seminar.


The Sathya Sai Marriage Seminar is simultaneously happening on three levels. First is your parents marriage, second is your relationship with your spouse, and third our relationship with God. Union with God is our goal. Marriage is the preparation for this union. It is the experiential laboratory that allows us to reduce our ego and sacrifice our own desires. This is true service/seva giving love to one another.


This seminar is for all ages 18 to 80 plus. It is designed to have a mixture of ages that bring different experiences to expand the discussion. All ages can contribute to seek solutions that can prevent divorce and enhance the true meaning and value of the sacred institution of marriage.


This is a one-day course.


Robert and Rita Bruce enacting a role-play during a Sathya Sai Marriage Seminar

All of Rita and Robert's seminars can be customized for public meetings, public schools, government organizations, society groups, etc. There is no cost for Rita and Robert to conduct their seminars, except for direct expenses. For information on how to hold a seminar in your area, please contact us.


Marriage is a Dream; Realize It!

Marriage is a Game; Play It!

Marriage is a Challenge; Meet It!

Marriage is Love; Enjoy It!